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Custom advertising cups Paper Cup

Provide free cup LOGO design for customers; Concise and elegant, full of enterprise atmosphere
Heat-resistant paper cup inner wall treatment, suitable for cold and hot water, safe and non-toxic
Select soybean environmental printing ink printing, dust-free production, and commitment to quality

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Tasting cups custom
Paper Cup

Production of high-quality virgin pulp paper to meet the high-standard needs of brand customers
Qualified dust-free manufacturers produce, using soybean Environmental printing ink printing, non-toxic tasteless safer and healthier
Better service team, fast delivery, free door-to-door delivery in the city

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Coffee tea cups customPaper Cup

Soybean environmental printing ink printing, no fading, no peculiar smell, and no poison
Thickened PE coated waterproof layer is tightly bonded and resistant to high temperature and permeation.
Thickened raw wood pulp paper has sufficient thickness, good stiffness and is not easy to soften and deform

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Worried that demand will not be met? Paper Tiger Specialized High-end Customization to Fully Meet Customers' Personalized Needs
Professional advertising and marketing designers pay for design and typesetting, one-stop Purchasing, saving you 30% of Purchasing costs
  • Customer consultation
  • Reservation customization
  • Design on demand
  • Provide design draft
  • Design draft confirmation
  • Product proofing
  • volume production
  • Acceptance of delivery

Three Highlights of Paper Tiger High Quality
Paper Cup

No impurity detection, high quality products

Food grade virgin pulp paper is selected and imported with high-standard products of automatic detection paper cup forming machine without impurities and stains to reflect the taste of customers.

Paper Tiger Paper Cup

No environmental protection, and no machine testing

Poor quality recycled paper, cup body is easy to yellow, there are many miscellaneous points without professional testing equipment, environmental hygiene is not guaranteed, poor quality paper cups affect the image of the enterprise

Inferior paper cup
Sanitary and clean

Safe, leakproof and high temperature resistant

The inner wall ismade of environment-friendly PE coating,which has high adhesive strength, high temperature resistance, long water retention time and no leakage

Paper Tiger Paper Cup

Easy to fall off, poor permeability and thermal insulation

Ordinary paper cups are made of poor quality raw materials and PE film is too thin, resulting in poor adhesion, paper cups are easy to penetrate and leak water.

Sanitary and clean
Paper cup leakage

The cup body has good stiffness and is not easy to deform

Paper tiger paper cups are made of high-grade virgin pulp paper materials that do not deform at high temperature,preventing the paper cups from becoming hot due to deformation, so that the quality requirements of enterprises are reflected in the paper cups

Paper Tiger Paper Cup

Weak compression resistance and easy deformation

Using low-priced and inferior coated paper has poor pressure resistance and is easy to deform due to grip strength, resulting in overflow of water and scalding of hands.

Inferior paper cu
Cup body stiffness

High qualitypaper cup display

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Paper Tiger's
Powerful Strength

Super capacityPaper Tiger Paper cup

  • Dozens of production line equipment
  • Daily output of millions of paper cups
  • Ensure fast delivery
  • To meet the high demand of large customers

National certificationPaper Tiger Paper cup

  • National QS Certified Manufacturer
  • Strict selection of certified raw materials
  • Quality and material safety are more guaranteed
  • Provide quality assurance for customers

Mature teamPaper Tiger Paper cupm

  • Design, production, service, skilled operation of the whole process
  • Dedicated after-sales team to respond and solve customer problems within 24 hours.


Entering the Paper Tiger

Making better products for customers is our goal.

We adhere to the principle of win-win and look forward to cooperating with you happily!

"Be Your Trusted Partner", Green Packaging has earned a good reputation in the disposable foodservice packaging industry, as a reliable and trusted source of quality disposable paper, plastic goods. - History Established in 2002, Green Packaging began with a small factory, producing the paper cups only.
By concentrating solely on cups, we accumulate rich manufacture experiences, and expand a big company, more than 26000 square meters and 300 workers. Meanwhile, Green commits to "Green the Earth", and develops the biodegradable cups, so here is Green Packaging, as the backbone to market the burgeoning goods. - The Team Green Commodity Specialists work hard to meet clients' needs with immediate care, while simplify the business. "Saving Your Time, Saving the Money"。

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